What You Need To Know About the COVID-19 Delta Variant

In recent months, the Delta variant has been linked to a resurgence of COVID infections and is on track to become the dominant variant worldwide. But what exactly sets this so-called super spreader variant apart from all the rest?

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There’s been a lot of potential variants of concern that have sprouted up around the world. And a lot of this is due to the fact that viruses mutate, that’s what they do. But the big question is:

Are these mutations resulting in the virus being more problematic? So far, four of these have been identified as “variants of concern” by the World Health Organization: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta, which is the most recent addition to the list.

Together, these variants are shown to be either more contagious, more deadly, or more resistant to current treatments. But of the four, Delta is especially concerning. According to the WHO, it’s the “fastest and fittest” variant yet.

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Hopeful News on Delta

“After the Alpha variant began spreading late last year, many people assumed that it was both more contagious and more severe. The data soon told a different story, though: Alpha seems to be only more contagious. Now the story may be repeating itself with Delta.”

Opinion: Delta variant panic could cause more harm than good https://www.sfgate.com/california-politics/article/Delta-variant-California-COVID-19-masks-open-where-16296087.php
“COVID-19-related hospitalizations — the original catalyst for the public health emergency in the United States — are increasingly being decoupled from case rates.”

Rich countries cornered COVID-19 vaccine doses. Four strategies to right a ‘scandalous inequity’
“Today, some rich countries are vaccinating children as young as 12 years old, who are at extremely low risk of developing severe COVID-19, while poorer countries don’t even have enough shots for health care workers. Nearly 85% of the COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to date have gone to people in high-income and upper middle–income countries.”

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