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The sungazer lizard is an endemic species in the South African wild that is facing extinction due to the international pet trade. This is how this group of conservationists plan to stop it.
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Thumbnail Credit: Shivan Parusnath

Dragons are obviously a thing of fiction, found in fairy tales, folklore and some show I don’t want to talk about. It still hurts. But, the idea of dragons didn’t just come out of thin air, like many mythical beasts they were inspired by real life nature.

The documentary we’re featuring today is about one of those myth inspiring animals, the sungazer lizard, also known as the giant dragon lizard and by its scientific name, Smaug giganteus. Yes, smaug like the dragon. This amazingly beautiful lizard is disappearing quickly because of the pet trade and people’s desire to own a dragon of their own. And the answer to saving the species may not be found out in the wild, but in a science lab aided by the trusty pipette.

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