This 300-Mile River Was Destroyed By Dams, But This Tribe Is Fighting Back | Guardians of the River

The Yurok tribe live along the Klamath river and for decades they’ve been fighting to keep their livelihood. With extraordinary resilience and community effort, they’ve not only provided their own food source but won a long-deserved battle.
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The Klamath river. This nearly 300 mile river runs through Oregon and to the Northern California coast and, for the last century, dams have decimated this once abundant resource and blocked the route of salmon and steelhead.

But this isn’t a story about the fish. With this next documentary, we learn about the Yurok tribe. This thousand year old community relies on the river for survival, but over the years have learned to be resilient as they aim to restore clean water and food to their community.

If you want more about how this documentary was made, stick around to the end where we get a little Q&A with the filmmaker. And now from American Rivers and Swiftwater Films, this is Guardians of the River.

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