Scientists Find Everything In Our World Could Be Ruled By a Secret Pattern? | A Natural Code

Scientists are using Alan Turing’s theory about patterns to grasp a better understanding of nature’s hidden design; from tracking migrating birds, to conserving whale sharks across the world.
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This is a short wildlife documentary about the fascinating Turing patterns in nature and how they may help endangered species around the world.

The first half of the film introduces three characters, which will take us on a quest to explain who Alan Turing was and what is his connection with patterns in nature.

The second part of the film is showing how these patterns can help with conservation, by focussing on the whale shark patterns.

The viewers will feel like going on a fascinating journey, from the secret world of mathematical ecology to incredible underwater scenes.

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Featured team:
Kriss Ceuca

Natasha Ellison

The Turing Pattern Project

Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme’s website:

Dr Philip Ball’s Twitter page:

Prof. Philip Maini’s Twitter page:


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