Unique food processing machines

You enjoy eating but do you know where your food comes from? Preparing food is not what it used to be. Today, food robots do many of the tasks that once humans did.

You have food preparation robots, food finishing robots, food cooking robots, and more. As kitchens become more automated so does food preparation. In this video, we bring you some of our favorite food machines and dare you not to be impressed by all the tasks they achieve.

There’s the honey processing line where honey is shaped, rolled, and cut into honey-filled drops. The watermelon peeling machine takes seconds to peel a watermelon. After peeling, melons are topped and conveyed automatically.

The Marel fish production line is a fish fillet processing unit. Fillet pieces are floured and battered and, after applying breadcrumbs, they are fried and frozen.

The Vojta ice cream food processing line is how multicolored Twisters are made. Ice creams are produced up to 6,000 pieces an hour. The RZ-0 Egg Breaker cracks eggs and separates the whites from the yolks. It can process up to 2,000 eggs an hour. The croissant production line does everything from dough preparation to fermentation. Each croissant is shaped and baked to perfection.

Have these robots picked your curiosity yet? We have plenty more that all make tasty delicious meals for us in an organized and timely manner.

Yes, indeed the food-making process has been automated, and it’s for the best. It guarantees that meals are prepared in a consistent and reliable manner.


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