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Hello and welcome to yet another installment of our DIY series. Today’s project involves sharpening a blade, yes exactly; we’re making a DIY knife sharpener and while doing so, teach you how a knife sharpener is used.

As today’s project is more in the spirit of tool installment and set up, we don’t have a dire need for extra parts, nonetheless, for further explanations about what is a knife sharpener, check out the link below. In the link, you will also find a more in-depth explanation of how this blade sharpener is installed and used.

So let’s get building!

We’ll begin by laying down the base of our knife sharpener and mount the body on top of it with the help of screws provided with the kit. Then we peel off the rotator’s cover and give it a test for good luck.

Next, we install the clamps that’ll hold our knives during operation. Mount them on the part shown in the vid and make sure they are steady before doing anything with them.

We need to go through a few more steps, but why read when you can watch?


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