The intricacies of the F-35 Fighter Jet

There is a fighter jet designed and made in the U.S. that was first used in combat in 2018. This pricy, super stealthy next-generation fighter jet can fly at supersonic speeds, and one version of it is able to take off and land vertically.

We know this aircraft as the F-35 fighter jet, and it has multiple versions such as F35 lightning and F-35b. Although they have some impressive features, the project is far from being perfect.

In December 2016, former U.S. President Donald Trump announced his discontentment about the F-35 cost in a tweet, and he had some points.

The 16-year-old project was seven years late, and the project’s lifetime cost exceeds $1 trillion today. F-35 development issues and other things aside, the F-35 remains as a project in progress for more than two decades.

Many countries have already bought versions of the fighter jet, and F-35 jets might be the fighter jets of the future. If you are curious about the other details of this fighter jet such as F-35 armament capacity or its configurations, be sure to check out this video.


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