Shapeshifting furniture perfect for tiny spaces

In today’s crowded world, people often have to settle for smaller apartments. This is where space-saving furniture comes in very handy. You have probably seen this type of furniture before in the shape of a murphy bed or a tiny couch.

But have you seen space-saver furniture that shifts and transforms? In this video, we bring you small home furniture that does exactly that.

There’s the Flexible Love Expanding Chair that can stretch or twist into any shape or length!

It’s made of recycled cardboard so it’s also eco-friendly. There’s the Eclettica Staircase, a spiral staircase that folds and stacks vertically. Its steps can also be used as storage compartments saving even more space.

The Ori Cloud Bed has a built-in frame in the ceiling. It glides up to reveal a couch and a table and the bed moves up or down in just 30 seconds. The Bookniture is a book that transforms into a piece of furniture.

It can support up to 375 lbs (170 kg) of weight. The Wilding Wallbed is a desk that converts into a bed. Even better: everything stays on the desk during the transformation.

The Kitchoo K9 Mini Kitchen is a mini kitchen only 4 feet (1.2m) wide. But don’t let its small size fool you. It has burners, an oven, a sink, and a refrigerator.

Have these items piqued your curiosity yet? So play the video to watch them twist, turn and ultimately transform into practical and reliable space-saving furniture.

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