Robot transforms air into drinking water

In order for Mars to be hospitable, it needs to be able to have water. N

ow, Egyptian engineer Mahmoud Elkoumy has invented a robot that could one day produce water on the Red Planet, potentially allowing humanity to colonize it.

The robot is called ELU, and it brings together the best of science, technology, and engineering to produce a machine that creates drinkable water by capturing humid air, compressing it, and putting it through a five-step filtration system.

The robot can also be used in dry areas on Earth to bring much-needed water. Better yet, it is cost-efficient and relatively easy to engineer.

The robot cost Elkoumy a mere 250$ to make, and it was built in just 9 months.

Currently, it can produce 4 cups of water a day for $0.02. In addition, the robot needs just 15 percent humidity to operate.

Has this robot piqued your curiosity yet? Then watch this video to learn more about it and see it in action.


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