Putting together a die-cast model truck | Crafty Engineer

Hello and welcome to our DIY series. Today, instead of a functional project, we’re going for a bit of a hobbyist with an AK-75B model build. This one will involve building a die-cast DIY model.

So, when building a toy model, there are a few things that one should consider before beginning. Die-cast truck models come in a variety of scales and shapes. If you are unsure about the scale, read on.

To get it out of the way, let us reveal that the current ZIL-130 model build on our hands is a 1:43 one.

So, say you have a 12-feet-long vehicle, a 1:12 scale of that would be 1 foot long.

This means the part after “:” gives us the dividing scale. 1:43 is currently the most popular scale when it comes to scaled vehicle models.

In the video, we will also dabble in the art of painting as our die-cast model comes without a single coat of paint on it. So DIYer, start watching the video and get started already!


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