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Hello and welcome to today’s DIY home project. Today, we have a pretty straightforward metalworking project: We’ll teach you how to make your own gate. This one is a perfect weekend DIY project that’ll fit right into your homescape.

You can build this DIY gate either for your home itself or its storage shed container, up to you and your taste. So let’s get right into it, shall we?
As with any DIY metal project of this nature, we are going to require some components and equipment for DIY working metal. These include Various rectangular tubings, steel sheets, an angle grinder, some welding gear, and a few more things. You can find the full list and our recommendations in the link provided down below.

And as we’re working with metal here, we can’t stress the importance of proper handling of all materials and the necessity of proper safety gear enough. We don’t want you or anyone to pay an unduly visit to the ER with burns or sharp objects protruding through that skin of yours.

And as this project is going to be a custom fit at your desired location, you are responsible for getting the correct size of bars and sheets.

So watch the video, do your own math, and this glorious door shall open for you DIYer.


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