Innovative bridges that actually move

Bridges are gigantic structures that are usually stationary, so you wouldn’t expect them to move. However, certain bridges are specifically constructed to do so!

We’re talking about the Pont Jacques-Chaban-Delmas, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, the Heatherwick Bridge, the Twin Sails Bridge, the London Tower Bridge, the Slauerhoffbrug Bridge, and the Swing Bridge.

All these bridges have been expertly engineered to move to let passing boats go by and ease up naval traffic. For instance, Pont Jacques-Chaban-Delmas’ central part lifts vertically to allow tall ships to pass through. It’s said to be the longest vertical-lift bridge in Europe.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Do you want to learn more about how these movable bridges work and how they help with naval traffic? Are you interested in the science, engineering, and technology that goes into the construction of movable bridges? Do you want to learn more about the function of movable bridges in the transportation industry? Then don’t miss out on this video.

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