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Do you have a watch that you cherish, yet its leather strap is too worn out and lacks that aesthetic appeal? Then, you’re in luck, for we have the perfect DIY leather project for you! Together, we will make DIY leather straps from scratch. So stay tuned.

While it might sound like an overwhelming task to undertake, it’s actually quite a simple process.

As always, we will require certain bits and bobs for this DIY project, you can find the full list with our recommendations, along with an in-depth explanation of the watch bracelet refurbishment process at the link given below.

So, let’s begin by preparing our leather for the watch strap. Grab ahold of a nice piece of tanned leather you like (the color is up to you, and vegan leather also works), we will use a light brown tone here.

Then, mark out a 1 inch thick (2.5 cm) straight line with a metal ruler and ensure it’s perfectly parallel, using a pencil or a tracer stylus is ok for this job.
Repeat this process to have an identical pair of this leather strap.

Once ready, grab a scalpel, sharpen if needed, and cut along your guidelines to take a strip out.

Now now, for the rest of the process, head on up and catch the vid!


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