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Hello, and welcome fellow DIYer, in today’s video, we’ll be installing tile flooring from the ground up. We’ll walk you through each and every step from laying mortar to installing tiles with useful tricks along the journey. So let’s dive in right away into the world of DIY tiling.

In this video, we are assuming that there are no pre-existing tiles installed on the ground. What you see on the video is linoleum flooring, so there’s that.
First, if you have trim along the edges, get rid of them.

An important thing to note here is, try not to damage your wall or wallpaper while doing so. Stay controlled with your motions so you don’t have two DIY projects on your hands instead of one.

Then, break up the existing ground covers for easier removal, in the video, a circular hand saw is used. Once they are ready for removal, grab a crowbar and go to town on the flooring. Under the linoleum was wooden flooring, and our DIYer notices some staples and nails, not ideal.

Hammer them down and proceed to check the level of the area, if there are big ridges, use a belt sander to fix them. Voila! You are ready for installation, watch the video to catch the deets.

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