How to create a transforming bookshelf

In need of a cool bookshelf to make your friends and family jealous? Got some DIY woodworking skills and the time required for a DIY project? Then give our moveable bookshelf a try! This modern bookcase might just be the thing you need to build.

So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

As with any project of this nature, our moveable bookcase construction will require some bits and bobs, for a list of required components and our recommendations for this DIY bookshelf you can check out the link below. Just a disclaimer, we are going to need various power tools such as a circular saw and a power drill.

To make this modern bookshelf work, we’re going to fix the central piece of our board and the remaining eight cells will be hinged around it to get this cool moveable contraption on its feet.

So we’ll begin with our trusty table saw, the video can give you a good reference of how big they could be but beware, the project doesn’t contain any size specifications, so you’ll have to adapt the measurements according to the space you have available.

After getting 36 of these nice and clean wooden sheets we’ll proceed to drilling them and hinging them. But the process is best seen rather than read, so give the video a watch DIYer!


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