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Hello and welcome DIYer, today we’re talking bathroom vanity. “Why?” you might ask; well, simply because they are quite expensive, and plus, store-bought ones certainly don’t come with a hidden stool embedded in it (this one’s for you kids and short people).

In this vanity build today, we’re going for a build that’ll outlive its builder (at least its exteriors will, but more on that later).

Right, here we go!

The materials used in this DIY project are majorly solid hickory wood and plywood sheets. Although, as per the sheer size of this project and the mechanisms involved, we are in need of some significant machinery and materials.

As always, to get a full list of equipment, along with our particular recommendations for each item, scroll below and find the link. You will also find more in-depth explanations of each and every step while building a bathroom vanity.

The DIYer we see in the video even took it a step further and decided to go with an epoxy-coated countertop. This is a smart move, financially speaking because pre-built countertops tend not to be cheap. Get in a comfy position and get ready to enjoy this elegant project!


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