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Got a fence in your household that could benefit from a more sleek access point that’ll impress your visitors? Got time on your hands for a short and simple DIY home project? Well, then our DIY guide on how to build a sliding fence is just the thing for you.

We will take you through each and every step of the process for this small sliding gate project.

As always, for a more in-depth explanation of what goes where, check out the link below. We also have component recommendations for any missing components you might have.

So, let’s begin!

If you want to replicate the same look this DIYer achieved, get your hands on some cedar wood planks. Though, you’ll probably want to match your sliding gate with the rest of your fence. Get your hands on a galvanised mesh and cut it to fit the frame of planks.

Next, we reinforce the frame, this part is especially important if you have steps after the gate or have tiny humans flailing around.

After that, get some rods to serve as a guide for the door and follow the instructions given in the video. There are a few more tips and tricks that you might benefit from, but we will leave the rest to the video.



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