Biggest ship launches

Ship launches are exciting as you get to see the ships come out of the shipyard and into the great sea.

In a bid to get these ships to water, engineers build special processes and there are three main methods of conveying a new ship from a building site to its way. From these three, only two are referred to as “launching”.

The first method is the end-on-launch, which is the oldest, most familiar, and most widely used; it consists of the vessel sliding down an inclined slipway stern first.

The second method is the side launch where the ship enters the water broadside. This method came about in the 19th century and was mainly used on inland waters, rivers, and lakes.

The third method is the float-out. This method is not a launch and is reserved for ships that have built-in basins or dry docks.

These ships are floated by admitting water into the dock and the method also sees the use of drag chains to slow the ship’s speed to prevent it from striking the opposite bank.

Have these descriptions piqued your curiosity? In our video, we bring you many exhilarating, scary, and turbulent ship launches so you can see them up close and in action. Are you excited yet?


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