You don’t need an invite to join Clubhouse anymore

After basically every single social media company has already copied the idea, Clubhouse, the company that kicked off the social audio chat trend, has finally opened up its service to everyone. You no longer need to get invited by someone who has access to it, which is good news as the service has long lost its appeal as the “exclusive” audio chatroom.

Clubhouse entered beta on Android a couple of months ago, though with the invitation requirement still in place, many couldn’t actually join the platform. Plus, by the time the Android app rolled out, competitors like Discord, Spotify, and even Slack had released their own versions that essentially functioned in the same way. Thankfully, Clubhouse can still be a fun platform to listen in on interesting conversations or join in conversation with people, especially thanks to its simplicity. With Clubhouse available for everyone on Android or iOS, anyone can now host a room on the service. There are rooms to talk about all kinds of interests, and a cursory browse through the app shows that there’s still a lot to listen in on.

According to the full release notes for the latest update, the app has a new icon and users can add a national flag to their bio to celebrate the Olympics. You can download the app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and make an account now.

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