Nova Launcher’s long-awaited rewrite is now available as a public beta on Google Play

Nova Launcher’s latest release, version 7, is finally available as a public beta on the Google Play Store. The team behind the popular homescreen replacement app first announced the release earlier this year in January, which featured a complete rewrite, new animations, and a host of design tweaks. Over the last few months, the team has added a host of other changes to the launcher, and you can now try it out by following the Play Store link below.

In case you missed our previous coverage of Nova Launcher version 7, here’s a quick refresher. The launcher’s latest release is based on AOSP’s Launcher3 app, and it brings updated visuals, new animations, and a host of other tweaks. Here’s the changelog for the first Play Store beta release:

  • Nova7 first Play Store Beta (staged roll out)
  • Visual refresh – Rebased on the latest AOSP launcher code and updated Nova specific code to match the latest animation and visual styles
  • Weather icon in search bar (Nova Settings > Search > Desktop Search Bar > Weather)
  • Swipe down actions on icons (Requires Prime)
  • Enhanced Nova Search
  • Reshape themed icons and toggle reshaping per icon
  • Option for Android for Work apps in their own tab
  • Custom Widget Corner Radius (Nova Settings > Desktop > Widget corner radius)

New weather icon in search bar
Weather icon settings
Widget menu
Search window corner radius setting
Work apps in their own tab setting
Android 12 pop up menu support

It’s worth noting that the first Play Store release includes all the changes that came with the previous beta releases, including:

  • New DuckDuckGo search provider for Nova Search includes autocomplete
  • Windowed folders in drawer fade drawer content to grayscale (like Nova6)
  • Improve support for edge to edge displays, eg Moto Edge
  • Android 12 Popup Menu style
  • Drawer swipe indicator
  • Hide Clock (Nova’s home screen only (Requires root or adb permissions))
  • Long-press Save APK to initiate Share
  • Option to selectively not reshape icons (Edit shortcut dialog)
  • Options for Lens and Date in search bar
  • Ability to disable swipe to open drawer (Nova Settings > Drawer > Open App Drawer > Icon or Other)
  • Add “None” scroll effect (disables bounce)
  • Search in widget drawer

On top of that, the release includes a ton of bug fixes and other minor changes. For more details on what’s new in Nova Launcher version 7, check out the developer’s website by following this link. To try the beta release, download the app from the Play Store link below and then enroll in the beta program by following this link.

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