Microsoft Teams adds Dynamics 365 integration and more apps

During its Inspire event today, Microsoft had some news to share. Among them, there’s Windows 365, which we’ve previously heard of as Cloud PC. But Microsoft also announced new features for Teams, mainly integration with Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and the Teams integration makes it easier for businesses to collaborate. Users can share customer records in a Teams chat and work on them together directly from there. This includes sharing information like customer history for sellers, or troubleshooting steps and other information for customer service workers.

Dynamics in Teams chat

The integration also enables users to add a Teams meeting to customer appointments, making it easier to access customer information during the meeting. It also allows users to take notes during the meeting and have them saved automatically on the Dynamics 365 record. Another benefit from the integration is that users can get notifications whenever changes are made to a customer’s record. These notifications can include adaptive cards so users can take action when necessary.

Aside from Dynamics 365, Microsoft also announced new Teams apps from a number of partners. These apps include Atlassian Confluence, SAP C4C, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday. These apps should make collaboration easier for businesses that rely on different software.

In addition to Teams news, Microsoft also announced new partnerships for Viva, its employee experience platform. There are 21 new partner integrations today, including Workday, Qualtrics, and ServiceNow.

Microsoft is also making it easier for partners and developers to integrate their tools with Viva thanks to Viva Connection APIs. These will be generally available later this year, and they’ll make it easier for developers to make their tools more discoverable on the platform. Plus, Viva Learning APIs are also coming later this year as a preview. These can pull content from learning management systems and make it accessible in places like Teams,, and Microsoft Search. Microsoft is also introducing new benefits for those bringing their apps to Viva, including access to Microsoft technology, marketing resources, and 1:1 consults with Microsoft experts.

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