MacOS Monterey adds seamless drag-and-drop sharing between iPad and Mac

Those who own both a Mac and an iPad are probably aware of the feature “SideCar,” which essentially turns the iPad into a secondary monitor for Mac. At WWDC today Apple introduced a new feature that further synergy between the Mac and iPad, while letting the latter remain an iPad.

Named “Universal Control,” the new feature is part of MacOS Monterey, the upcoming new software for Macs, and it allows a user to control their iPad with their Mac’s keyboard and mouse/trackpad.

Demoing the feature during the keynote, Apple’s senior VP of software engineering Craig Federighi  made the feature look dead simple: he merely pulled his MacBook mouse cursor to the right edge of his screen, after which the iPad placed on the right of his MacBook showed a graphic on the left edge allowing the mouse arrow to continue moving on the iPad screen.

Federighi was able to switch between iPad apps directly on his MacBook keyboard via key shortcuts. But that’s not the most exciting part — you can also drag and drop files between the iPad and Mac. And now just between two machines too, but multiple. In his demo, Federighi was able to drag a graphic on his iPad Pro through the MacBook’s homescreen, and then to an iMac running Final Cut Pro.

This is a huge feature for those who own a Mac and an iPad. It appears the move towards using the same architecture (M1 silicon) across all of Apple’s computing devices is helping these devices become more seamless.

This story is developing, we’ll update with more information when we get it. We will also be demoing beta version of MacOS Monterey soon so stay tuned for our own testing.


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