iPad multitasking won’t be terrible anymore with iOS 15

For at least a few years now (and arguably since the first modal), iPads have had capable hardware held back by strange software limitations. The recent iPad Pro refresh with an M1 chipset didn’t solve much, pairing Apple’s super-powerful chip with a limited OS, but the upcoming iPadOS 15 update is set to fix at least some software issues. During today’s WWDC conference, Apple highlighted new multitasking features coming to the iPad.

iPadOS 15 will feature a new multitasking menu, with the ability to switch between applications or create a Split View/Slide Over view in a few taps. It also makes the process of opening two windows of the same app a bit easier — something that isn’t supported at all on most Android applications.

Shelf view on iPadOS

Apple also showed off a new ‘Shelf’ feature, which shows all your open windows of a given application (Safari was used as an example). Finally, new keyboard shortcuts for multitasking are in development, so you can swap between apps (and more) without lifting your hands from an attached keyboard.

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