iOS 15 will let you get on a plane without your ID card

This year’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) is underway, and Apple has revealed a ton of new features that are a part of iOS 15. Not only has the company unveiled a forthcoming feature that will give you the ability to add keys and passes to your Apple Wallet, but iOS 15 will also let you get on a plane without even needing your ID card. Simply scan your driver’s license or state ID and you can store it in your Apple Wallet, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will accept the ID stored in your Apple Wallet at its checkpoints in the future. This means you can get on a plane and fly anywhere domestically within the US using only your iPhone.

Scanning an ID into the Apple Wallet on iOS 15
Unlock your car with the Apple Wallet on iOS 15

This won’t just be useful for storing an ID card for flights, though. Apple says that there are going to be a lot more use cases later this year, including integration with Hyatt hotels in the fall. BMW and other car manufacturers will also launch cars with ultra wide-band support so that you can load a key onto your phone and unlock your car, and Apple’s overall vision is to create a way to unlock your house, apartment, or flat, straight from your smartphone.

Apple Wallet launched with support for card purchases and was later expanded with boarding passes and event ticket support. While you can load boarding passes and event tickets into Google Pay on Android smartphones, it’s not possible to store a digitized version of an ID that’s universally accepted.

iOS 15 is the latest and greatest version of iOS, and other features announced include a newly revamped notifications system and Live Text, Apple’s own spin on Google Lens.

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