iOS 15 finally brings the beauty of Dark Sky to the Weather app

In March last year, Apple acquired the Dark Sky weather app. The company took the app off the Google Play Store soon thereafter, preventing Android and Wear OS users from installing it on their devices. This led many to believe that Apple planned to integrate the app on iOS in the future, as the company had not taken such drastic measures for any other apps that it had previously acquired. As expected, Apple has redesigned the Weather app in iOS 15, and the updated app includes features from Dark Sky.

In a blog post highlighting all the changes coming in iOS 15, Apple talks about the redesigned Weather app. While the company doesn’t explicitly state that the new Weather app is based on Dark Sky, the video clip attached in the post makes it quite apparent.

As you can see in the clip, the updated Weather app in iOS 15 offers more graphical displays for weather data, full-screen maps, and more. It even features a dynamic layout that changes based on the current weather conditions. Furthermore, the app now has redesigned animated backgrounds that accurately reflect the sun’s position and precipitation, along with new notifications to highlight when rain/snow starts and stops.

The home screen of the new Weather app shows your current location, temperature, and weather in a large font size right at the top. Right underneath that, it has a section that shows the weather condition and temperature over the next few hours, followed by a section that shows a 10-day forecast. Swiping up on the home screen brings up a section with a map showing the current temperature in and around your location, followed by several smaller graphical displays for additional weather data. These include UV index, sunrise/sunset times, wind speed and direction, rainfall, humidity, visibility, and pressure.

Want to check out the new Weather app on your iPhone? Follow the instructions given in this post to install the iOS 15 developer beta on your device.

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