iOS 15 beta 3 makes new Safari redesign less annoying

After rolling out iOS 15 beta 2 to supported devices last month, Apple is back again with another beta build as it continues to refine the new software ahead of the official release. Fresh build iOS 15 beta 3 is here for developers, and it brings improvements to Safari, a new splash screen, reworked Music widget, and other smaller refinements and improvements.

Safari received a big facelift in the first iOS 15 developer beta, and beta 3 introduces several new changes (via 9to5Mac). First and foremost, the universal search bar no longer jumps to the top when you tap on it. Instead, it now hovers just above your keyboard. Apple is also making it easier to reload web pages. A Reload button will appear in the context menu when you long press on the address bar. That way, you won’t have to dig into the menu to find the reload button or pull down to refresh. Apple is also bringing back the physical reload button when you’re in the landscape mode.

Searchbar in Safari
Typing in search bar in Safari on iOS 15
Safari context menu showing reload button

Next up, you’ll notice a new splash screen in the App Store that highlights features like in-app events, Safari extensions for iOS, and the App Store Widget.

There are some tweaks to Focus as well. With the latest update, Apple has removed the Focus Status and Phone Call from the main UI. There’s also a new screen that explains to new users how Focus status works and what they’re sharing with other users when they change their Focus status. Moreover, icons in Focus are now color-matched to your current Focus.

Other smaller changes in iOS 15 beta 3 are as following:

  • The Music widget now automatically changes color based on the color of the album art.
  • There’s a new “+” button in the Find My app for sharing your location, adding an AirTag, adding another item.
  • The “Reset” option under Settings > General has been renamed to “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”
  • There are new actions for Background Sounds in the Shortcuts app

Those running iOS 15 beta 2 can install the new update by heading to Settings > General > Software update. Do note that this beta is for developers. Apple hasn’t yet released a new public beta of iOS 15 for general users.

Screenshots courtesy: 9to5Mac

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