Grab a Logitech MX Master 3 mouse for $80 ($20 off)

Logitech’s MX Master 3 is one of the best computer mice you can buy right now, thanks to its wireless connectivity, software features, and ergonomic design. The mouse was on sale for $80 back in May, a rare $20 reduction from the normal price, but now the MX Master 3 is once again on sale for $80 at Staples.

The MX Master 3 is a wireless mouse capable of connecting over Bluetooth, or 2.4GHz low-latency wireless with the included USB adapter. That makes the MX Master 3 an excellent option for desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and anything else that supports a mouse. You can also store three connections in the mouse (the USB adapter counts as one), so switching between devices doesn’t always require re-pairing.

    Logitech MX Master 3

    The Logitech MX Master 3 is available for $20 off when you use code 74638 at checkout.

There are a few other handy features on the MX Master 3. It has a USB Type-C port for charging, instead of the non-reversible (and more fragile) microUSB connector found on many other mice. Logitech also has a desktop application for Windows and macOS, which can remap the mouse’s buttons and pair the mouse to multiple PCs at once (functioning like a multi-monitor setup).

The only possible downside to the MX Master 3 is the sensor, which has a maximum resolution of 4,000 DPI — more than acceptable for productivity work and some gaming, but if you’re frequently playing competitive games, a more sensitive gaming mouse might be a better fit.

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