Get a OnePlus 9 Pro for $969 ($100 off), or a OnePlus 9 for $649 ($80 off)

OnePlus has been running a few sales over the past few weeks across its entire range of phones. Earlier this month, the company discounted the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro by $30 and $40, respectively. That wasn’t much of a discount unless you were already planning on buying the phones, but now there are much better sales on both devices.

The OnePlus 9 series uses the Snapdragon 888 chipset, with 8-12GB RAM and 128-256GB storage. The phones were only $30-40 off during the last sale, but now you can get the OnePlus 9 for $80 off and the OnePlus 9 Pro for $100 off. That drops the phones to $649 and $969, respectively. Interestingly, the OnePlus 9 Pro is the same price as the entry-level OP9 Pro that was recently cancelled for Canada and the US.

    OnePlus 9

    The OnePlus 9 is now on sale for $649 ($80 off), when you use code BESTOP9 at checkout.

    OnePlus 9

    The pricier OnePlus 9 Pro is discounted to $969 ($100 off), when you use code BESTOP9PRO at checkout.

OnePlus isn’t throwing in a free year of Accidental Damage Protection Plan, like the company was doing with the earlier discounts. However, you can still add them during the checkout process for 20% off the normal prices. The plan for the OnePlus 9 will cost you $55.20, while the OnePlus 9 Pro protection costs $71.20.

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