You can now use Edge’s password manager to log in to mobile apps

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Microsoft is updating Edge on Thursday to allow the browser’s password manager to log you in to your mobile apps. The new release, technically Edge 92, also includes new password safety features through a password health dashboard.

The Edge mobile app should be able to use the browser’s password manager in a way that sounds similar to other services like BitWarden or 1Password. Using your login credentials you’ve accumulated in Edge, you can easily log in to apps like Pinterest or Instagram, presumably with the autofill-type experience you’re used to.

Microsoft already offered a universal password management feature in Microsoft Authenticator, which allowed you to set it as a default autofill option in iOS or Android. It’s not clear if Edge will work in the same way, but we’ve reached out to Microsoft to confirm.

Image: Microsoft
Edge’s new password health dashboard.

According to Microsoft, Edge can now also tell you if a password has been used on multiple sites and whether a new password is “strong” through a password health dashboard. Both features feel like table stakes things that should have been used across Edge already, but it’s great that they’re here now.

Image: Microsoft
Edge’s Outlook extension packs all the email and calendar you could want in a tiny drop down menu.

For Outlook users, Microsoft now also offers an Outlook extension for Edge that lets you check your calendar and contacts and send email, all without opening a new tab or the Outlook app.

You can download the new version of Edge now.

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