Verizon confirms there are problems with phone calls in Southern California

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Many Verizon customers in Southern California are reporting difficulties making calls on Tuesday afternoon, and the company has confirmed on Twitter that there is a “wireless network issue” in the area right now.

In response to one person on Twitter, Verizon’s support account apologized for the problems and said that “our technicians are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it quickly.” In the interim, the account recommended using Wi-Fi “if possible.”

I’ve found many examples of people reporting problems making phone calls in Southern California, but it’s not clear exactly how far the outage extends or exactly which areas might be affected. Downdetector’s map of user reports strongly indicates that the outage is affecting Los Angeles, San Diego, and the surrounding areas. As of 4:39PM ET, Downdetector counted more than 8,000 reports of problems with Verizon.

Image: Downdetector
Downdetector’s map of reported issues.

Verizon has not responded to a request for comment from The Verge.

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