The Verge’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

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It’s been a very hard year for us all — but especially for moms, who have had to deal with not only the worry about the pandemic itself, but its effect on their work schedules, their kids’ schooling and socialization, and all of the other issues that have come up over the past year. So for Mother’s Day this year — which is Sunday, May 9th — it could be a good idea to give mom a gift that will allow her to relax, if only for a few hours.

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We’ve put together a list of about 30 possible gifts that might give your mom — or you — a short vacation from stress. They include Apple AirPods and Jabra earbuds for listening to soothing music, a Logitech gaming mouse for a short virtual vacation, and hot chocolate bombs to give the tastebuds a boost. Have a look, and see if any of these work for you or at least give you some ideas of the ways that you, your family, and your friends can take a break.

Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds

These are the best wireless earbuds to get for music, podcasts, and calls, especially if mom operates in the Apple ecosystem. They’ve got great sound and are easy to use.

$197 at AMAZON

$200 at BEST BUY

$220 at B&H

Jabra Elite 75T wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds that offer pleasing bass-heavy sound, reliable performance, and can connect with two devices — like a phone and laptop — at the same time.

$130 at AMAZON

10-foot charger cable

A 10-foot cable (with a charger) lets mom charge her phone in bed or in the comfort of her favorite armchair, without having to rig up an unsightly extension cord to the nearest outlet.

$13 at AMAZON (Lightning to USB-C)

$15 at AMAZON (USB-C to USB-C)

$17 at AMAZON (charger)

Limited Edition Tile Pro

Knowing you can find your keys can remove a major source of tension. Tile, the best-known tracking device, has released a collection of limited edition trackers that are decorated with designs with names like Watercolor Dream and Nightbloom, making them both practical and pretty gifts.

$29 at TILE

Streaming video subscription

One way to relax is by watching a great film or TV series, and several streaming services offer gift subscriptions. You can buy gift cards from Hulu and Netflix that can be exchanged for subs. And if mom is a cinephile, you can get her a year’s subscription to the Criterion Channel.




University Games: A Recipe for Murder jigsaw puzzle

Who doesn’t like a good murder mystery? These games provide two puzzles in one: you can find clues to the murderer’s identity by solving the jigsaw puzzle. It’s a great way to spend a relaxing evening at home.

$19 at WALMART

Logitech G502 Lightspeed gaming mouse

Judged to be the best gaming mouse by The Verge, this wireless mouse is comfortable, feature-packed, fast, and accurate — the perfect gift for an enthusiastic gamer.

$104 at AMAZON

$104 at BEST BUY

Snackeez snack cup

The Snackeez cup lets you simultaneously hold a 16-once drink and a snack. Mom can watch her favorite streams while sipping on fruit punch and munching on pretzels. And this is the ideal cup for road trips.

$10 at AMAZON

$10 at TARGET

Proctor Silex 8-cup rice cooker

These rice cookers can be really useful, especially for somebody who is juggling several workloads. A rice cooker frees up your stove’s burners and makes the whole process basically automatic.

$20 at AMAZON

$20 at WALMART

The Mug from East Fork

It can cheer you up to drink your morning coffee out of something unique and special, like this handmade mug, which holds 10 ounces of hot or cold liquid (12 ounces to the rim). Got an AeroPress? Don’t worry, this will fit it.

$38 at EAST FORK

Smirly cheese board and knife set

Summer is coming, along with the chance to gather (safely) outdoors with friends and family, so a good cheese board is a great gift for those evening BBQs or parties. This large board has five serving sections, a separate snack tray, a knife and fork set, and a wine opener.

$42 at AMAZON

DavidsTea tea press

A good cup of tea is always comforting. Put loose tea into this tea press, pour in the water, and when it’s steeped, just press down, and your tea is ready. It keeps your hot tea hot or your iced tea cold, and it’s perfect for on the go.

$29 at AMAZON


BLK & Bold coffee or tea

Looking for excellent-tasting coffee or tea? BLK & Bold has a variety of flavors. The Earl Grey loose leaf tea is particularly rich in flavor and gives you a chance to just sit back, sip, and savor the taste.

$14 at BLK & BOLD

Bombombs hot chocolate bombs

Sometimes, a good cup of hot chocolate can completely change your outlook on life. Put one of these delicious chocolate bombs in a mug of hot water, and it will make a fantastic cup of fudge brownie- or caramel candy-flavored hot chocolate.

$20 at AMAZON

Eater Wine Club

After the kids go to bed, it might be time for a drink — or maybe two. A wine club subscription is a great way to make sure you have a nice variety in rotation. You can get two or four bottles of curated wine delivered each month.

$70 at EATER

Crafthouse by Fortessa Smoking Box

Making cocktails is truly an art, and a professional smoking kit can give a cocktail a deep, sultry taste. There’s a lot of room to experiment with different woods, herbs, and other flavors, making it a perfect gift for a mom who likes to experiment with bartending.

$228 at AMAZON

CBD bath bombs

Make a relaxing bath even more relaxing. Kush Queen has CBD bombs to help with muscle aches, bombs to invigorate you, and bombs that will help you sleep — and all of them change the bathwater to a beautiful color.


First Nature hummingbird feeder

Nothing’s more relaxing than watching birds out of your window, and hummingbirds — with their luminescent colors and habit of darting around like restless insects — can be really fascinating. If there are any passing through your area, this feeder will bring them in.

$10 at AMAZON

$14 at WALMART

Seeds of Happiness Smile Heart charm

There’s something weirdly attractive about these tiny clay heads with their shy smiles, and the special “Smile Heart” version is perfect for Mother’s Day. It includes a little smiley head and heart charm. Drop it in an envelope and send it to your favorite mom.


Vellabox candles

Each month, mom will get a scented candle in a glass jar from a small-batch artisan from around the US. It’s a nice way to keep a pleasant and calming fragrance in the house.


Lovepop Mother’s Day card

There’s nothing as nice as a really pretty Mother’s Day card, and these add extra oomph by opening up into a 3D pop-up design. You can choose from a wide variety of pop-ups: a basket or vase of flowers, a hummingbird, a lily, or “Mom!” in an Avengers-like comic book font, among others.

$13 at LOVEPOP

$13 at AMAZON

Rickshaw Bagworks face masks

If you need to wear a mask — and you do — it can lift your spirits if that mask is both well-made and attractive. These masks by Rickshaw are made in San Francisco and come in a variety of lovely patterns, so mom can leave the house both safely and looking good.


Hands to Hearts Soul Warmer top

When your mom is starting a Zoom call and she’s wearing her day-to-day sloppy clothes, she doesn’t have to worry about her appearance. She can throw a Hands to Hearts Soul Warmer top over her T-shirt and look fabulous. And there are a variety of styles to choose from.


Saucony Peregrine 10 trail running shoes

Spring is finally here, and don’t you just want to be outside? Bet mom does, too. A good pair of hiking / running sneakers are versatile enough to wear on walks around the neighborhood but are also great for a nice long trail hike.

$70 at AMAZON

$113 at REI

Teva Women’s Flatform sandals

Every mother needs a little lift, and these platform sandals should provide the right balance and support that she needs during all those balmy summer months. (Price depends on size and style.)

$60 at TEVA

$40 at AMAZON

The Art Students League of New York online classes

If your mom ever wanted to take art classes, The Art Students League is an amazing place for all levels of experience, and it offers classes throughout the day. Prices vary depending on the course.


Leuchtturm1917 ruled notebook

Writing on really good paper is a luxury, and if mom is into journaling, this is the notebook most expert journalers recommend. It has high-quality paper, perforated sheets, two page markers, and a bunch of colors to choose from.


$20 at AMAZON

Life in the Studio: Inspiration and Lessons on Creativity by Frances Palmer

If your mom is a gardener, cook, photographer, writer, or potter, this new book from ceramicist Frances Palmer is a beautiful meditation on creativity — interspersed by her photographs, recipes, and favorite tools.

$21 at AMAZON

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