The makers of the GorillaPod made a MagSafe tripod mount

Joby GripTight tripod mount
Image: Joby

Joby has released a MagSafe mount for tripods that should simplify the process of attaching an iPhone 12 and any future iPhone models that support MagSafe. The new GripTight mount allows for quick attachment, letting the mount hold on to your phone either by just its MagSafe magnet or with a more secure option that tightly grips the edges of your phone like Joby’s previous smartphone mounts. With the latter use case, people may not know that you’re partially connected to the GripTight mount with MagSafe, but at least you’ll know it in your heart.

This new mount is available now for $23.97 from Joby’s site, and it works on the company’s line of flexible GorillaPod tripods as well as any other tripods that support the industry standard 1/4-20-inch thread. The clamp can rotate 360 degrees so that you can switch between portrait and landscape shooting modes.

Joby GripTight wall mount
Image: Joby

Additionally, the company announced the GripTight MagSafe wall mount that costs $14.97. One side sticks to your iPhone 12 via the MagSafe magnet, while the other side has a sticky surface that lets it fasten to flat nonporous surfaces, like glass. Joby says you can restore its stickiness by rinsing it with water.

Support for MagSafe as a means to charge phones hasn’t really picked up in a huge way, but at least more accessory makers like Joby and OtterBox have devised ways to take advantage of the magnet within each of Apple’s latest iPhones.

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