Nintendo lowers Switch price across Europe ahead of OLED model

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Nintendo is lowering the price of its base Switch model across Europe ahead of the OLED version’s launch next month. The Nintendo Switch is now priced at €299.99 in Europe, down €30 from the previous €329.99 pricing. In the UK, Nintendo has adjusted the base model to £259.99, down £20 from the previous £279.99 pricing.

The new pricing can be found at Nintendo’s own store, and Eurogamer notes it hasn’t been reflected at other retailers like Amazon just yet. Given the small changes, it’s likely more of a currency-related change in pricing, but it does arrive just under a month before Nintendo’s OLED Switch is due to go on sale.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model has an updated dock with ethernet.
Image: Nintendo
The Switch OLED model arrives on October 8th.

The OLED model will be priced at €364.99 in Europe and £309.99 in the UK. This small price drop creates a slightly larger price difference between OLED and original models, all while the OLED version is mostly about the screen changes rather than any significant hardware upgrades elsewhere.

Nintendo’s Switch OLED goes on sale on October 8th, and during our first look at the device we found it’s a small upgrade that makes a big difference. The bigger and brighter screen, a new kickstand, and speaker improvements are the main additions, alongside an ethernet port on the dock.

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