Live blog: Apple’s 2021 WWDC keynote with iOS 15, iPadOS, and more

How many operating systems can Apple update at once?

Apple’s 2021 Worldwide Developers Conference is upon us again, and we will be tracking all of the new software announcements from the keynote. Apple has a lot of operating system plates spinning and has done a decent job keeping a lot of things under wraps. But there are some obvious questions that

could be answered in the online-only event.

Apple’s Arm-based M1 Macs have exceeded most people’s expectations for performance and battery life — but the future of macOS still seems fuzzy with so many different kinds of supported apps. All of that could be forgiven if Apple makes one of its rare WWDC hardware announcements with new MacBook Pro models.

iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS are all likely to get some attention — and we may even see tvOS get renamed to HomeOS in a nod to the HomePod and Apple’s smart home ambitions. The iPad is expected to get a revamped home screen and maybe another revision to its windowing system.

All that, some surprises, and what’s sure to be a lot of swooping drone transitions about Apple Park are in store. But the biggest question of all is whether Apple will directly address the growing developer discontent around its App Store policies. It’s a long shot, but that’s why we live blog: tune in to watch along with us!

WWDC 2021 live blog

Watch the WWDC 2021 keynote live

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