Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin protests NASA’s $2.9 billion SpaceX contract

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos gives an update on their progress and share their vision of going to space to benefit Earth.
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Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin is protesting NASA’s decision to award SpaceX $2.9 billion for a pair of missions to land on the Moon by 2024. NASA’s Human Landing System program, which funded development of three rival lunar lander prototypes (including Blue Origin’s), was expected to pick two of those landers in April. But NASA opted for just one — SpaceX’s Starship — because of short funding from Congress.

The 175-page Blue Origin protest was filed with the Government Accountability Office less than two weeks after NASA’s selection of SpaceX. Blue Origin has been developing its Blue Moon lunar lander with a “National Team” of established space and defense contractors: Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and Draper.

“NASA has executed a flawed acquisition for the Human Landing System program and moved the goalposts at the last minute,” Blue Origin said in a statement released on Monday. “In NASA’s own words, it has made a ‘high risk’ selection. Their decision eliminates opportunities for competition, significantly narrows the supply base, and not only delays, but also endangers America’s return to the Moon. Because of that, we’ve filed a protest with the GAO.”


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