Carrot Weather now reports likelihood of human survival

Examples of new Smart Layouts. | Image: Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather, the charmingly irreverent app from developer Brian Mueller, is gaining smart layouts and the ability to record and share short video weather reports as part of a series of tweaks rolling out today with version 5.3.

Notably, the app now shows wet-bulb temperature readings to gauge the likelihood you’ll survive the next heatwave. No, that’s not an adorably snarky Carrot joke, but a real measurement that’s gown increasingly relevant as parts of the planet grow too hot for humans.

Image: Carrot Weather
An example of a citizen weather report.

Carrot is also adding smart layouts that will automatically switch to different interfaces at night or when it rains. The nighttime layout emphasizes the extended forecast for planning future activities, while the precipitation-focused rain layout can help you keep dry on your commute. Smart Layouts, like many of Carrots advanced features, require a subscription plan which start at $4.99/month or $19.99/year.

The final major addition is citizen weather reports — 30 second videos that can be shared with friends. Reports can be recorded with the help of app-generated scripts that are read back into your phone’s selfie camera. Else you can wing it with the wild abandon of a dong-obsessed billionaire fleeing this doomed planet.

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