Apple’s Live Text is going to read all the text in all your photos with AI

Apple has announced a new feature called Live Text, which will digitize the text in all your photos. This unlocks a slew of handy functions, from turning handwritten notes into emails and messages, to searching your camera roll for receipts or recipes you’ve photographed.

This is certainly not a new feature, and we’ve seen companies like Samsung offer similar tools in the past. But Apple’s implementation does look typically smooth. With Live Text, for example, you can tap on the text in any photo in your camera roll and immediately take action from it. You can copy and paste that text, search for it on the web, or — if it’s a phone number — call that number.

Apple says the feature is enabled using “on-device intelligence,” which seems to be the company’s preferred phrase for machine learning. It stresses Apple’s privacy-focused approach to AI, which focuses on processing data on-device rather than in the cloud.

Live Text works across iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers and supports seven languages.

Developing… we’re adding more to this post, but you can follow along with our WWDC 2021 live blog to get the news even faster.

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