When and How to Order the iPhone 13 and Apple’s Other New Products

Apple just finished announcing the iPhone 13 line-up, Apple Watch Series 7, and the third generation AirPods. Fans will undoubtedly be waiting to get their hands on these brand new devices.

If you’re eyeing up Apple’s latest devices, here’s when and how you’ll be able to order the products.

When Can I Order Apple’s Latest Products?

Whenever Apple announces new products, they’ll have a pre-order date shortly after the announcement, and then an actual release date where pre-orders ship and the device become available in-store. This year is no different.

The iPhone 13 line-up follows usual tradition, and pre-orders open on Friday, September 17, with devices shipping the following week on Friday, September 24. Luckily, unlike last year, there’s no further delay on the Pro models.

Apple’s latest Apple Watch Series 7 will only open for pre-orders and then normal orders later this Fall. Unfortunately, Apple didn't give us a more exact release date, as the delay has likely been caused by production delays.

Unusually, you're able to pre-order both the new ninth generation iPad and new iPad mini today, and they'll begin shipping next week when they become available in-store.

How Can I Order the iPhone 13s, Apple Watch Series 7, iPad, iPad Mini, and AirPods 3?

You’ll be able to pre-order each of these new devices on Friday 24th September. Pre-orders will begin at 8am EST on the Apple Store website, as they usually do.

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Most carriers across the globe typically also open for pre-orders later on the same day, although this varies from carrier to carrier. You’ll be able to check on your carrier’s website, or contact the relevant updates team for the latest deals.

At 8am, simply head to the Apple Store. Find the product you’re looking to purchase, and go through the standard checkout process. One top tip is to bookmark the device you’re eyeing up, to save time when you order it.

The iPhone 13 line-up will retail from $699 for the 13 Mini, $799 for the standard, and $999 for the Pro, all the way to $1,099 for the Pro Max. Apple Watch Series 7 will retail for $399 like the previous year's device, but the SE and Series 3 are still available.

iPad 9th gen retails at $329 for standard customers, or slightly discounted at $299 for education customers. The smaller but updated iPad mini retails for $499, which is the most expensive it's been for a while.

Don’t Delay, Get Yourself Ready to Pay

Whenever tech companies launch a new product, pre-orders tend to fill up pretty quickly. Make sure you’re ready to add the device you’re after to your basket quickly, and have your payment details pre-filled to save time. You don’t want to face shipping delays!

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