What Is the AR Zone App on Samsung Phones and Can You Remove It?

Whether you’ve just purchased a brand new Samsung smartphone or have updated your current Samsung device to Android 10, you may have noticed a couple of new apps floating around on your app page. One of these new apps is called AR Zone.

Here’s what you need to know about the AR Zone app, including how to use it and whether you can uninstall it.

What Is the AR Zone App?

AR stands for Augmented Reality, and the AR Zone app aims to bring this technology to the palm of your hand.

While only Samsung’s recent flagship smartphones in the Galaxy S and Note ranges have DepthVision cameras, this doesn’t stop older models from running the app using their normal camera.

Many Samsung users report seeing the AR Zone app on their phone for the first time following their update to Android 10, with the app now coming pre-installed on all new Samsung devices.

You can launch it via the app shortcut, or through your camera.

What Can You Do in AR Zone?

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At present, the AR zone app is more of a gimmick than anything else.

Users can turn themselves into an emoji using the AR Emoji Camera, can create AR doodles, get creative in the AR Emoji Studio, and play around with AR masks, stamps, and frames in Deco Pic or AR Emoji Stickers—both of which feel like inferior versions of Snapchat filters and Instagram effects.

While creating the odd AR doodle or two can be fun, especially for kids, you’ll need to download an additional AR Emoji Editor app to personalize your own AR avatar, which kind of makes the current AR Zone app not fit for purpose.

Where Is Quick Measure in the AR Zone App?

While most Samsung users are stuck with emoji stickers and AR doodles, those who own a very recent Samsung device equipped with a DepthVision camera can also make use of Quick Measure—a much more useful use of AR in everyday life.

Originally, Quick Measure was incorporated within the AR Zone app; however, it now seems to be available separately and is preloaded on recent Galaxy S and Note devices. You can download it from the Play Store if your device is compatible.

Download: Quick Measure (Free)

Can You Uninstall the AR Zone App?

If AR avatars, doodles, stickers, and emojis aren’t your cup of tea, then you’ve probably already tried to uninstall the AR Zone app only to find that you can’t.

That’s right, AR Zone is a system application meaning that once it’s on your phone, you’re effectively stuck with it. If you just don’t like to see it cluttering up your app page, then there is the option to remove it from your app screen—which effectively hides it unless you access the app through your phone camera.

To remove the AR Zone app from your app screen, open the app, head to the gear icon in the top right-hand corner, and then toggle off Add AR Zone to Apps screen.

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As soon as you do this, the app will effectively disappear but will still be installed on your phone.

To access the app or re-add it to your app page, head to your phone camera, swipe across to the MORE camera option, and then select AR Zone. This will open the AR Zone app. From here, you can then head back to the gear icon if you want to re-add the AR Zone app to your app screen.

If you’re still not happy knowing that the AR Zone app is active on your device, then some users have reported removing it from their Samsung phone using their computer and ADB. For more information on this process, check out the following YouTube video. It’s important to note that this process could cause issues with other apps on your device.

The Future of Reality

Whether you like the idea of AR or not, the reality is that these kinds of technologies are here to stay. Besides seeing a rise in AR apps we’re also just starting to experience the tip of the iceberg when it comes to experimenting with diminished realities.

While Samsung’s AR Zone app may currently leave a lot to be desired, we can expect significant changes in this space in the coming years—hopefully, changes that facilitate more useful AR features.

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