Want Windows 11 for Free? Here’s What You Need

With the first Insider Preview build released, Microsoft is gearing up to release the full version of Windows 11 this fall. But given how operating systems don’t come cheap, there remains the question: will you be able to get Windows 11 for free?

The short answer: yes, you will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free. The long one: it depends on the computer you are running. As such, let’s take a look at the things you need to get Windows 11 for free this fall.

1. A PC That Meets Windows 11’s Hardware Requirements

Windows 11 has a much higher barrier of entry than Windows 10. For instance, you will need an Intel 8th gen and up or an AMD Zen 2 or higher CPU to run. Even for 2021, these requirements are much higher than most people would have hoped for.

Aside from the CPU requirements, the strangest thing about Windows 11 is its reliance on TPM 2.0 modules for added security. While more security is always good, the TPM 2.0 requirement will leave many people without an upgrade path to Windows 11.

Even the people who have DIY computers that exceed the hardware requirements but lack the TPM module cannot update their OS.

In short, if you want to upgrade your Windows for free, make sure that your PC meets the Windows 11 hardware requirements. The same goes for people who are in the process of buying a new computer.

2. A Valid Copy of Windows 10

Got the hardware requirements down? Nice. Now make sure you are running a valid copy of Windows 10, as every eligible Windows 10 user will get the Windows 11 update for free.

To check if your copy of Windows is valid, you need to check its activation status. If it is activated, then you are running a genuine copy. Otherwise, you will need to buy a new license from Microsoft.

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So, go to Settings, then Update & Security, and click on Activation. Here, you will see whether you are running a valid copy of Windows 10.

Got the Hardware? Licensed Windows 10? You’re All Set for Windows 11

To get Windows 11 for free, you need to have the proper hardware and a licensed copy of Windows 10. However, if you have these two things, you are in for a treat as Windows 11 looks like the modern version of Windows 10 we always needed.

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