Vivaldi’s Latest Browser Update Arrives With Four Big Tech-Killing Features

Vivaldi has finally, after a long wait, released a spate of extra features for its browser that compare to those offered by bigger brands; namely Google and Microsoft’s efforts in the web client sphere.

Vivaldi 4.0 Is a Feature-Rich Update

If you’ve been using Vivaldi, then the announcement from the latest blog post will certainly be welcome news. Why? Because Vivaldi 4.0 is here and brings with it a raft of cool new features that seek to take on big tech. Vivaldi says:

A pivotal moment has arrived: Vivaldi 4.0 is here. Simply put, the era of blindly trusting Big Tech is over.

You can get the latest version of Vivaldi now, all you need to do is head to the Download page at and you can download it across multiple platforms.

What Are the New Vivaldi 4.0 Features?

There are four extra features in total, although be aware that three of these features are currently still in beta. As a result, you may come across the odd bug or glitch. Even so, Vivaldi Technologies will iron these out as the beta phase progresses.

So, what features are we looking at? Let’s take a look.

Vivaldi Translate

As you might expect, Vivaldi Translate is a method of converting online text from another language into your own. However, privacy is key, here. Google Translate, for example, stores literally everything you translate on its translation app. Vivaldi Translate doesn’t.

This means you can read pages translated to your own language—not only quickly and easily—but also safely and securely, without Google or any other third party poking through your business. Nice.

Vivaldi Calendar

Do you want the world and his dog knowing you have a surgery appointment on June 21st at 11 am? Or a hot date on Friday night? Vivaldi doesn’t want that for you, which is why its Calendar feature is a real boon.

You can choose to keep your calendar as a private space, or you can take the option to share it, but only with people who you want to see it. A diverse calendar option with many beneficial features.

Vivaldi Mail

You might think of dedicated email clients as being a bit passé. However, having your email client separate to your web client means you can enjoy more privacy as you communicate.

This is what Vivaldi Mail does. It is a desktop-based email client that doesn’t rely on remotely operated webmail servers in order to function. So, all of your emails are for your eyes only, and not for Google or Microsoft to scan for targeted marketing tips.

Vivaldi Feed Reader

Feed readers are super-useful for consuming news and articles from the internet, all in one place. Most browsers have their own versions of feed readers, but have you ever looked at some of the content and wondered why on earth you’d be interested in it?

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Probably, and that is because a lot of feed readers also include sponsored posts, meaning a brand has paid to feature its content. Vivaldi Feed Reader only features articles from brands you are interested in. So no more seeing “We Compared HelloFresh to Gusto. Guess Which One Won? (Sponsored by HelloFresh)” on your feeds (I’m looking at you, Pocket).

Will You Upgrade to Vivaldi 4.0?

You should, as these additional features really set Vivaldi up as a contender for Google and Microsoft to worry about. So, if you are a Vivaldi user, download the updates and see how the Vivaldi browser has improved.

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