Twitter Now Lets You Change Who Can Reply Even After You Tweet

Currently, if you want to stop people from replying to your tweet, you’d have to delete the post. Now, Twitter’s latest feature will let you change you can reply to your tweet, even after you’ve already posted it.

Twitter Lets You Change Who Can Reply to Your Tweet

Twitter’s latest feature allows users to change who can reply to their tweets, even after their tweets. The feature comes in an announcement from Twitter’s official Safety account on July 13.

The main purpose of the feature is to help prevent users from experiencing harassment and abuse online. If users were receiving negative replies on a particular tweet, they’d be able to stop people from replying and leave the tweet on the platform.

With the new feature, Twitter seems to be taking a new approach to online privacy, and giving users more control. Now seems like the perfect time for Twitter to introduce the feature, with recent calls for social media platforms to do more to protect users.

Previously, Twitter introduced a feature where users can limit who can reply to their tweet, before publishing it. Now it seems Twitter is taking this feature to the next level, being able to control this setting on existing tweets.

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How Can I Change Who Replies to My Tweet?

Twitter’s new feature is already available for users on the platform. The feature has been rolled out to both the web and mobile versions of Twitter. If you can’t see the new feature on your Twitter app, try updating it first.

To use the new feature, head to the Profile tab on Twitter. Here, you’ll be able to see all of your tweets and get to the one you need to change. Of course, you can get to your tweet through the Twitter in any other way.

Once you’re on the tweet you’re going to change, hit the three dots in the top-right corner of the tweet. Once there, you’ll see a new option Change who can reply. You’ll see options to change who can reply to EveryonePeople you follow, or Only people you mentioned.

Once you’ve chosen the new option, you’ll see a tick next to the one you’ve chosen. This will limit further replies to only those you’ve allowed. Unfortunately, the feature doesn’t delete existing replies, you’ll have to do that yourself.

Twitter Takes a Step to Protect You Online

Twitter’s latest feature is an extra step in the right direction to give you more control and protection on the platform. It’s no secret that social media is full of harassing comments, so it’s nice to give users a way to restrict them.

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