TikTok Is Now Available on Fire TV Devices

It would seem that you can’t go anywhere nowadays without having some sort of short video shoved in your face. Now, TikTok has announced that some users can access the service on their Fire TV because, you know, that’s important.

TikTok Now Available via Fire TV

Don’t get your hopes up too much about TikTok’s announcement. While it is possible to access TikTok via your Fire TV, you can only do so if you live in the UK, France, or Germany… at least for now, anyway.

The announcement says:

… we’re excited to be bringing the TikTok TV app to Amazon Fire TV devices, so you can enjoy everything you love about TikTok from the comfort of your living room.

Yes, because you can’t do that already with a phone or a tablet and avoid irritating everyone else in the room with thirty-second videos of thirsty wannabees, can you?

So, as well as being available on Samsung Smart TV, Google TV, and Android TV, you can also access the service via your Fire TV.

What Features Does TikTok for Fire TV Have?

TikTok for Fire TV represents a method of watching content from your favorite creators, except on a big screen.

Users can view said content from TikTok’s For You and Following feeds, so anything you see in these feeds on the mobile version of the app will also be available on the Fire TV app.

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TikTok will also treat you to the Discover page; a personalized page that uses an algorithm to bring you more of the content you love, based on your viewing habits.

So, for example, if you like watching animal videos on TikTok, then the Discover page will deliver more of this kind of content to your Fire TV.

How Do You Get TikTok Fire TV App?

If you are au fait with the process of adding apps to your Fire TV, then you’ll be able to get the TikTok app pretty easily.

All you need to do is head to the Amazon App Store on your Fire TV device and hunt the TikTok app down.

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Download and install it and you can start enjoying the content from your favorite creators there and then, on your Fire TV.

Don’t forget, you’ll need to sign into the app on your Fire TV in order for personalized content suggestions to worm their way into your field of vision.

Go Get TikTok for Your Fire TV (Or Don’t)

Quite why TikTok feels it is necessary for people to watch TikTok videos on anything other than their smartphone, is beyond me. However, there is obviously demand there or it wouldn’t have launched the app on smart TV devices.

If you’ve got it on your smartphone, you can do more with the app, so think of this as a way to simply view your favorite content rather than create your own.

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