The New PS5 Runs Hotter Than the Original, But Is This a Problem?

Sony silently launched a refreshed version of the PlayStation 5 within a year of its launch. The updated PS5 carries the model number “CFI-1102A,” while the initial launch version carries the model number “CFI-1000.”

On paper, the only difference between the old and the new PS5 version is that the latter is 0.6 pounds lighter and comes with a new stand design. However, a teardown of the new PS5 has revealed that Sony is using a smaller heatsink leading to this weight reduction.

The side effect of this is that the updated PS5 model runs slightly hotter than the model which first launched. Is that a problem, though? Let's see.

What Does the Smaller Heatsink Mean for the PS5?

If you go through the teardown video of the new PS5 posted by YouTuber Austin Evans, you'll see that the new heatsink is smaller and misses out on the gold locator plate. It is also exactly 0.6 pounds or 300gms lighter than the heatsink used in the original PS5, explaining the weight reduction.

Because of the smaller heatsink, the new PS5 “CFI-1102A” model cannot dissipate as much heat as the original model. This leads to it running slightly hotter. As measured by Austin Evans, in most cases, the new PS5 runs around 3-5C hotter than the model which initially launched.

To compensate for the smaller heatsink design, Sony has tweaked the fan blades on the new PS5 model. The blades are now longer and also slightly curved, which should help them dissipate all that hot air more effectively. However, given the notable reduction in the heatsink size, redesigning the fans does not seem to be that effective.

The new PS5 model isn't necessarily worse, though. Although it features a smaller heatsink, it does not make as much noise as the original PS5 when running games. As measured by Austin Evans, the fan noise from the original PS5 can reach 43.5dB, while the newer model measured 42.1dB. It is a minor difference, though, and one that you will probably struggle to notice.

Is the shrinking heatsink a problem? It is unlikely to cause an immediate issue, so you should be able to continue gaming and not notice any difference (save for the additional 3 degrees of heat your console is producing). If your console is in a well-ventilated earlier, you shouldn't have a problem.

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Why Did Sony Reduce the PS5 Heatsink Size?

The smaller heatsink will allow Sony to reduce the production cost of the PS5, which will boost its bottom line.

The company has already confirmed that it is no longer making a loss on each PS5 unit sold, but that's for the $499 version with the disc drive. It is still losing money on the PS5 Digital Edition that sells for $399, which explains why it has taken this step.

In the short term, the smaller heatsink and higher running temperatures on the new PS5 model are unlikely to have any effect. However, as the heatsink and fan both choke up with dirt and dust, this may negatively affect the console's performance. The only solution here is to ensure that you regularly clean your PS5's internals to ensure its cooling system works properly.

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