The New MagEZ Slider Is the Perfect Charging Gadget for Every Device

Right now, we can’t get enough of PITAKA’s compact and dangerously snazzy MagEZ Slider hub. It can charge all your devices in a breeze and won’t look out of place at home or in your office.

Devices That Keep Your Day Rolling

Who Is PITAKA? What sets them apart? First of all: the material that they use, and, secondly, their approach to design and innovation.

Their website boasts an experience beyond mere silicon or plastic. They hold two values above all else: simplification of the vital, and dedication to remaining on the cutting edge. Not only are their wares unique, novel, and attractive to behold: they are also solid in construction. Never ones to favor form over function, each stylistic trademark serves a lifestyle that invites tech directly into the fold (and at full capacity, to boot!).

Between magnetic power banks for devices, usability mounts that open your workspace up, and even a line of MagEZ wallets girded from the outside with RFID blocking in order to protect your cards, all of the needs of the savvy will be covered here. If any area of your life could use an added layer of protection, PITAKA seeks to mend the hole.

What Does PITAKA Specialize In?

Their two main lines of products, the PITAKA Air Series and the MagEZ Series, offer you two classy arrangements of device accompaniments. Both come together and ensure that you’re never left starved for a charge, all in impeccable style.

Included in this collection are external cases that supply your devices with extra power when you need it most. Their MagEZ Sliders streamline the charging process, giving the pantheon its rightful place in your home. They transform your phone into a device that comes with its own extra battery pack that fuels up right along with the main cell.

What Is the MagEZ Slider?

The PITAKA MagEZ Slider is a companion system built to accommodate everything electronic and chargeable, from your AirPods right up to the phone or tablet itself.

This slick, rotating hub has got a place for every device, all of which can be matched with its own individual receiver. Even the most die-hard Apple junkie will have no problem getting their whole lineup situated—and, yes, the MagEZ Slider PowerDongle Edition has room for an Apple Watch wireless charging dongle, no questions asked.

Each MagEZ Slider Pack boosts the capacity of every device’s battery life without bulking them out unnecessarily with another full layer of casing. You simply outfit each member of the team and you’re ready to go.

Some benefits to mention right off the bat: the MagEZ Slider charges both the device and the slider pack at the same time. Simply leave them and love them later, no extra steps required. They even send you a special magnetic sticker that instantly bridges the gap between your favorite devices and your base of operations if no pre-existing case yet exists for it.

The case itself protects the device in question with three guaranteed layers of protection that include premium-grade microfiber and each relaying magnetic layer, ready and secure for take-off. Every creature comfort is accounted for, right down to the built-in air buffers meant to absorb impact and the hideaways for things like on-board cameras and other delicate features.

Why We Love This Hub

Not only do you have a place for everything in your collection—it makes your desk feel like an executive experience.

Keeping cables to a minimum is only half of the battle, however. Everything about the design of these sliders makes them well-suited to a grab-and-go lifestyle, even their rotating disposition.

They pride themselves on the use of something called aramid fiber, the common denominator uniting things like commercially-produced Kevlar, as well as other types of high-endurance, high-performance body armor.

Flame-resistant and near-impervious to all manner of doom, aramid fibers have even been shown to survive being steamrolled under-tire by an actual moving vehicle, and are even a suitable replacement for asbestos.

Backed by their patented 3D Grip technology, every PITAKA accessory is manufactured with the same promise in mind: adornment that does more than looking good in front of you. Both comfortable to hold and easy to maintain your grip on, the quality of the process behind each one is one that you can feel.

Each accessory is tactile, pristine, and a delight to behold. If keeping things clean and lean is in your interests, you will find plenty here to love.

Get Your Fix In Style With PITAKA

Need something for your entryway, as you make your way in for the evening? Leave it all behind at the threshold. A MagEZSlider Hub is equally perfect bedside, on your foyer’s console table, or anywhere else that you frequently find yourself stopping to collect your thoughts.

The MagEZSlider hub keeps your space clear and ready for action. Device maintenance for the aesthete has never been simpler; you can place your pre-order starting this month.

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