The Home Depot Launches Hubspace: Here’s What You Need to Know

In a move to break into the ever-expanding smart home industry, The Home Depot has launched Hubspace. The home improvement giant's smart home platform covers a range of smart home devices and a mobile app you can use to control them all.

There is a lot of excitement around the launch of this new platform, as Hubspace offers budget-friendly smart home devices designed for all. This comes as no surprise, though, since Hubspace gives DIYers a simple, easy-to-install solution for their smart home needs.

Let's take a look at what The Home Depot is bringing to the smart home field.

What Is Hubspace?

Hubspace is a smart home platform that makes it easier for you to set up and manage your smart home products even without a hub. The idea is to let you operate all of your compatible IoT (Internet of Things) devices via the same platform, simplifying the smart home experience.

Hubspace was created to be a straightforward, reliable, and affordable way of bringing products from The Home Depot’s proprietary brands into your smart home. Designed with not-so-techy consumers in mind, it aims to deliver the convenience and sustainability of smart home devices to anybody with a smartphone and an internet connection.

The Home Depot understands that building a smart home can be a daunting task for some customers. So Hubspace was made to simplify this whole process, allowing everyone to enjoy the perks that smart home products bring.

Thanks to Hubspace, you can link your smart home devices to Google Home or Amazon Alexa for hands-free management. You can then bark your orders directly to one of those digital assistants or give your commands via the Hubspace app itself.

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What Products Are Available in the Hubspace Range?

According to the Home Depot website, Hubspace currently offers a total of 59 different products from Hampton Bay, Defiant, Commercial Electric, and EcoSmart, all of which are found in the aisles of the big box store.

The products offered in this range include smart LED bulbs, LED tape lights, recessed lighting, and recessed LED trim. Also found in this lineup are smart ceiling fans, plugs, and landscape transformers.

These items don't come with their own individual apps but support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Hubspace provides a place to connect all of them together and integrate them into the Google Home or Alexa apps.

This list of smart home products may be pretty limited at the time of writing, but The Home Depot plans to expand its selection of connected home and office automation devices in the near future.

An Introduction to the Hubspace App

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The Hubspace smart product range works with a dedicated mobile app from The Home Depot itself. Also called Hubspace, this free app is created to be intuitive and simple enough for anybody to use.

To add a new smart product to your Hubspace app, simply tap the + icon and scan the product's QR code. You can find this on the product itself or the quick start guide included in the package. The app then guides you through the setup process, which involves a simplified method of manually connecting to your Wi-Fi network and linking your device.

After configuring your products in the app, you can easily integrate your Hubspace account to your assistant of choice (either Google Assistant or Alexa). You can do this either from the Hubspace app, Alexa app, or Google Home app. Linking your Hubspace account to any of these digital assistants enables voice commands.

If you prefer not to connect your devices to any assistant, you can still control fan settings, schedule lights, and adjust brightness and color within the Hubspace app. You will just need an internet or data connection to do so.

The Hubspace app is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. It is compatible with Android Oreo 8 and above, as well as iOS 14.x, 13.x, and 12.x.

Download: Hubspace for Android | iOS (Free)

Hubspace Makes DIY-ing Your Smart Home Easier

As the smart home industry continues to boom, smart products like thermostats, speakers, and doorbells are becoming the new household staples. However, setting up a smart home system can be pretty intimidating for newbies, especially when you don’t know how to set up a smart hub or configure each device individually.

Thanks to The Home Depot's Hubspace platform, you can say goodbye to this long and time-consuming process. Making it easier than ever to DIY your smart home.

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