The 8 Best Ways to Use Microsoft To Do App With Productivity Tools

You can use Microsoft To Do for many purposes like reminders, task scheduling, granular task management, transforming tasks into subtasks, etc. You can access the tool from your computer, smartphone, or tablet to continue working where you left off. It's also completely free.

In this article, we'll show you how to make Microsoft To Do a powerful productivity tool by integrating it with other programs you use daily.

1. Import Tasks and Lists From Third-Party Apps

If your new client is working on another to-do list app, you can use automatic integrations from third-party apps to Microsoft To Do. There are many integrations available for such scenarios.

Let’s assume your new client assigns tasks through Todoist. To stay on top of those tasks, you can integrate your Todoist account with Microsoft To Do. New tasks will instantly appear on your To Do account whenever the client adds a new to-do list for a project. You can try this automation from Integromat.

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Integrately is another automation provider that can help you import tasks from trending task management apps like Smart Task, Google Task, and MeisterTask.

You can try out the Microsoft To Do and Google Task integration from Integrately. This automation supports data transmission in both ways. The tool also enables you to modify the When this happens and Do this scenarios for tailored automation.

2. Integrate With Microsoft 365 Apps

You can integrate Microsoft 365 apps with Microsoft To Do with Zapier. There are a few built-in integrations between all the Microsoft 365 apps. However, in a specific project, you might need customized ones.

You can control your tasks and to-do lists using Zaps (automated workflow that connects your apps and services together) like OneNote with To Do, Outlook with To Do, Excel with To Do, Teams with To Do, etc. Teams with To Do integration is ideal for you if you collaborate with external experts or the client’s technical team.

This integration can work in either direction. For example, automatically creating a new task in To Do when someone sends you a text in a project channel of Teams, and vice versa.

Another crucial automation for you is Excel and Microsoft To Do. If your client creates a new row, updates an existing row, or inserts a new row in a table, To Do will automatically create a task or list.

3. Task Integration From Project Management Apps

In your professional work career, you’ll find out that clients are using different apps for project management, like ClickUp, Trello, Asana, Teamwork, Wrike, etc. However, if you’d love to use Microsoft To Do on your end, that’s possible.

Integrately automates the task assignment in To Do from all the above-mentioned project management apps. Therefore, you don’t need to invest time in learning new tools.

It’s a one-click integration platform that allows you to automate tasks or lists creation in To Do whenever your client adds a new task on Asana. Apart from ready-to-use integrations, you can also build customized automation by modifying the When this happens and Do this sections.

Integrating your Microsoft To Do account with your client’s project management app saves time and effort. All the tasks show up on your most favorite to-do list app, Microsoft To Do, that too in an organized way.

4. Bring All Calendar Schedules to One Place

You could find that a few clients are assigning tasks through calendar apps from Google, Teamup, CalendarHero, Modern Events Calendar, TimeHero, etc. Copy-pasting tasks or comments from different calendar apps to Microsoft To Do is a hectic job. Zapier has a variety of calendar integrations for the Microsoft To Do app.

Instead, you can effortlessly integrate the source calendar app with your Microsoft To Do profile. Sit back and relax as the automation will take care of updating the schedule of your daily tasks. Moreover, you can organize these automated tasks in each client’s folder of the To Do app to keep them streamlined.

5. Integrate With Team Communication Apps

Microsoft To Do doesn’t have any team communication options. However, you can integrate it with other workspace chat apps to keep your tasks updated. Whenever a task is created on the team channel, it will appear on the Microsoft To Do account.

Integromat offers multiple integrations of To Do with workspace messaging apps like Slack, Mattermost, Cisco Webex, RingCentral, Google Chat, etc. These integrations allow you to Create a Task, Update a Task, Get a List, Add an Attachment, etc., in your To Do account from the destination app.

6. Automate Freelance Projects

If you’re running a freelance business, receiving orders, creating bills, sending payment forms, etc., are unavoidable non-productive tasks. However, you can automate these tasks by integrating To Do with tools like Google Forms, TypeForm, Stripe, Confluence, etc. You can find these integrations in Zapier.

Let’s consider that you receive orders through Stripe. You can use the Stripe and Microsoft To Do integration to create automatic tasks in To Do. If there is a new order from the Stripe account, a new task will show up.

7. Create Tasks From Note-Taking Apps

You can aggregate notes from different note-taking apps as tasks or lists in your Microsoft To Do app. Moreover, these integrations of note-taking apps offer many benefits if you work in a team of professionals who need to share their notes.

Zapier offers To Do integration with note-taking apps, like Notion, OneNote, Evernote, Quip, etc. You can let your collaborator or client work on any note-taking app while you get updates in your To Do app.

8. Smart Assistants and To Do

Smart assistants truly have a crucial role to play in note-taking and brainstorming when you need to multitask. Moreover, your professional life becomes easier when your smart assistant automatically updates your Microsoft To Do tasks or lists.

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Zapier has automation scenarios of To Do with smart assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. You can integrate both of these smart assistants with your Microsoft To Do app to save sudden ideas and notes as tasks or lists.

Get More Done With Productivity Tools

You can increase your productivity by using the above-mentioned integrations for Microsoft To Do app. The automation of Microsoft To Do with other productivity apps also streamlines your day-to-day tasks.

Additionally, you won't need to copy and paste tasks or switch between multiple apps to find your tasks. You can try any of the integration tools discussed here or use other online tools.

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