The 7 Best Sites to Pick Random Travel Destinations for Trips

A good vacation can completely change your life. Whether it’s through new exciting experiences or well-deserved rest and recuperation, everyone loves a holiday. Do you know what everyone hates? Planning a vacation.

With all the driving, flights, planning, and organizing, sometimes it feels like you need a vacation from planning your vacation. One of the most difficult aspects is actually just selecting where to go.

To help speed up your planning and remove some unnecessary stress, there are some great random vacation destination generators for you to try out.

1. Earth Roulette

Earth Roulette is for the confused wanderer who doesn’t want to think. Click a button, and you’ll get a suggestion for a country to visit, along with all the research you would need for it.

The website will give you a sentence breakdown of the main reason to travel to the proposed location. If you’re interested, you can scroll down on the page to discover everything you’ll need to book your holiday. You can read about places to see, the type of food locals eat, photos of the scenery, and even hotel and flight options currently available.

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In case you don’t like the recommended country, click Spin Again to find a new random destination.

2. Travelpicker

If you like the feeling of booking with classic travel websites like Expedia and Hotwire, you’re going to love picking your next destination using Travelpicker. While some of the options listed focus on the place at hand and why you should get there, Travelpicker does an excellent job focusing directly on your travel needs.

You start by entering the number of people traveling, the type of location you want, and your budget. Travelpicker will then suggest to you the best travel options based on your selections. When you find a destination that interests you, you can view photos, read about the climate, read about things to do, browse spoken languages, and even book hotels.

If you need help with language translation on your travels, check out the best online translators you can use in the real world.

3. Pack Up + Go

Looking to do some travel in the United States? Pack Up + Go is probably the best option available.

The trip focuses on surprise as the main aspect. You can pick holidays focused around road trips, outdoors, staycations, or planes/trains. The website will also ask you questions regarding your previous holidays and your goals for this upcoming adventure.

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After you answer the questions and select a budget, Pack Up + Go will plan a complete holiday for you to enjoy. With this travel site, you really can just pack up and go because everything else is already prepared!

You will need to create an account to use Pack Up + Go, unlike some of the other listed travel sites.

4. Atlas Obscura’s Unusual Trips

Cliché travel destinations often sound boring, which is why you skip them. Atlas Obscura specializes in finding offbeat travel ideas in popular cities or countries.

Unique Trips are paid tours, so you are free to buy them from them and go with other people. Otherwise, if the dates or cost isn’t working out for you, you can check out the entire itinerary of each Unique Trip to plan your own trip there.

Browse through both upcoming trips as well as tours already concluded. There are enough travel ideas here to satisfy the desires of every wandering soul.

5. LuckyTrip

Although this app is primarily for European residences, the great design layout and easy to use features meant that it was an absolute must-add to this list.

LuckyTrip is an extremely budget-conscious random travel generator. The first step is your budget. After that, simply press the Lucky button and LuckyTrip will automatically plan out the location, the hotel, and experience and give you the associated cost per person.

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You can change your settings to adjust the number of people, dates, accommodation style, and even destination entertainment. This app is a truly all-encompassing travel generator.

6. Travel Republic

If you aren’t as concerned about the budget, Travel Republic generates random destinations based on your perfect holiday.

The website starts by asking what type of holiday you want. Then it asks if you’re traveling with friends, family, or a partner—which is a bit disappointing if you’re planning a solo escape. After, it asks you to pick from a list of options which two activities you are most interested in while on holiday. It will then provide you a suggested location.

This is where Travel Republic gets interesting. The website displays your travel suggestions in navigable bubbles. Looking for something a bit cooler, navigate to the suggested travel bubble. Interested in more theme parks? There’s a travel bubble for that too. This site gives less general information, but great comparison options.

If you find somewhere you like, press Book Now, and you’ll be taken to the main travel website for reservations.

7. Expedia

When in doubt, there’s no reason you can’t turn to the big player. Expedia is a great option for booking flights, hotels, and experiences. Plus, with such a massive following, you can feel confident in your booking in case any cancellation or other issues may arise.

Randomly selecting a travel destination using Expedia is easy. Simply launch the page and enter your leaving destination and approximate trip dates. From there, Expedia will provide you with a list of pre-planned vacation packages that can include everything from flights and accommodations to car rentals and experiences.

This isn’t the most exciting and random way to book a holiday, but you’re likely to save a lot of money when using Expedia—especially if you are booking last-minute deals.

Solo Escape or Friendly Voyage

It can be nearly impossible to pick a vacation spot. With so many places to see in the world and so little holiday time for most, it can be anxiety-inducing trying to pick the perfect place. This anxiety is often only increased by the addition of planning with friends.

Avoid the stress next time and check out some suggestions for how to plan a wonderful group vacation with friends.

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