Sony Has Released a New PS5 Model: Here’s What’s Changed

Sony has released a new PS5 redesign less than a year into its lifespan, with no major announcement of the change. On the surface, this new PS5 looks virtually identical to the old PS5. But, of course, they aren't exactly the same.

So, what's different? Is this new PS5 model better? And, does it matter if you get the original PS5 model or the new PS5? Let's find out.

1. The New PS5 Has a Different Model Number

First, a quick way you can identify if the PS5 you're looking at is the new PS5 model is to view the model number.

The original PS5 model number is of the CFI-1000A/B series, with “A” denoting the standard disc drive edition, and “B” the Digital Edition PS5 (i.e, the one without a disc drive).

The new PS5 model number is now the CFI-1100A/B series. When you're next looking at PS5s, keep an eye out for the second digit going from a “0” to a “1” if you want to identify whether it's an old or new PS5 model.

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2. Sony's PS5 Redesign Features a Smaller Heatsink

The biggest aspect of the new PS5 model is it's significantly smaller heatsink.

With this change, how does this affect the PS5's cooling? Well, results currently vary.

You could argue that the new PS5 runs hotter than the original by a few degrees Celsius, as the smaller heatsink isn't as good at dissipating heat as the original PS5 model's larger heatsink.

However, there's also evidence to the contrary. Detailed tests conducted by Gamers Nexus, in the video above, show that the new PS5 actually has improved thermals over the old PS5 model, in its memory components, at least. Again, only by a few degrees.

Whether a few degrees hotter or cooler, the actual impact of the new PS5 model's smaller heatsink will be minimal for you (it's cheaper for Sony to make, though).

3. You Don't Need a Screwdriver Anymore to Adjust the New PS5's Base Stand

The new CFI-1100 series PS5s come with a different screw for the base stand, as well as a slight redesign of the clamp. This new screw has more purchase and allows you to install it pretty easily with your fingers.

This change means that you won't need a screwdriver, or coin, anymore if you want to adjust the position of your PS5. Which isn't too big a deal, but it's a little more convenient.

4. The New PS5 Is Lighter Than the Old PS5 Model

Because of the smaller heatsink, the new PS5 model is slightly lighter than the original PS5 model by about 0.6 pounds (around 300 grams).

A lighter console is a welcome improvement, especially when there's not really a downside. This would be for both the new Standard and Digital Edition PS5 models, making the latter the lightest PS5 so far, with the smaller heatsink and lack of disc drive. Good job, Sony.

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5. The New PS5 Also Features Different Fans

In addition to its smaller heatsink, the new PS5 model comes with different fans, which have longer, curved blades that extend into the center.

Are the fans on this new PS5 model louder or quieter? Again, results may vary with each individual console.

YouTuber Austin Evans claims, in the video above, that the new PS5 model is slightly quieter than the old PS5 model. However, Rich from Digital Foundry said that the new PS5 he was using seemed slightly louder than both of his launch PS5s (mentioned in the Digital Foundry video we've linked in the first difference).

At the end of the day, we're talking a difference of a few decibels louder or quieter. The CFI-1100 series PS5 won't sound like a jet engine when you game, nor will it be significantly quieter than what we were getting from the CFI-1000 series PS5. It won't determine your gaming experience all that much.

Whichever PS5 Model You Buy, You'll Get the Same Performance

So, does it matter if you get a new or old PS5 model? No.

While Sony has gone with a PS5 redesign, the differences aren't all that significant, especially when it comes to the most important aspect; how well it runs games.

Yes, there are variations in the fans and baseplate screw, and the heatsink has seen a drastic change. But none of this should affect your gaming experience.

The performance across all PS5 models—disc or disc-less, new heatsink or not—is virtually identical. You can't buy a better or worse PS5 model to run your games. So, wait patiently till you can get a PS5 and enjoy all this incredible console has to offer.

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