Now the Microsoft Xbox App Is Getting Stories, Too

It feels like every social media platform out there has their own version of “stories” now, so it’s only right that every other app where people interact with one another get them too. Now, Microsoft has brought stories onto the Xbox app, so you can catch the latest news and trends in little bite-sized chunks.

The Story About Microsoft’s Xbox App Stories

Microsoft made the announcement on its official Twitter page. As of today, gamers can check out what’s going on in the Xbox world through snappy, quick videos.

If you aren’t a huge fan of social media, “stories” are little bite-sized clips that are too small to quantify publishing as a full video, but still deserve sharing. Social media sites often have a stories feed, which you can quickly scroll through and see everything going on in a short amount of time.

This format has taken the internet by storm, with stories popping up on the major social media websites. It’s so popular that the format has sparked a lot of innovation, such as Instagram’s new auto-captioning sticker.

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By the looks of the screenshots Microsoft posted, it appears that game developers can create stories to encourage user interaction with their game. Microsoft’s examples show the Sea of Thieves team sharing content and asking people to comment on it.

At the same time, Microsoft says that the stories are great “because everyone deserves to see that no scope.” This implies that users will also get to use these stories to share funny clips, new strategies, or just bring a community together around a single game.

Either way, the next time you open up the Xbox app, be sure to keep an eye out for a feed of stories waiting to be watched. It’ll likely populate with content related to your friends and favorite games, so be sure to give it a try before you knock it.

A Plethora Of Stories, All In One Place

Stories are a great way for people to share content with the world, and now Microsoft has brought the format over to the Xbox App. Whether you’re interested in seeing your friend’s sick plays, or you want all the latest news and updates from your favorite developers, hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for with these stories.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has helped Xbox gamers come together and interact. It recently removed the paid requirement to use Xbox Party Chat, so friends can talk with one another regardless of who’s subscribed to what.

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